Panther and cave man

According to an article by the Priory Group the word ‘anxiety’ is googled 21 times per minute in the UK which equates to about 30,000 times per day. That’s a lot of people feeling anxious and wanting to know more about it so I thought I’d dedicate this months blog to exploring why we feel … Read more

No Ho Ho?

Getting Through the Festive Season with Social Anxiety  I wrote about Social Anxiety in the October 2017 edition of Forrest Rambles and thought that now was a good time to re-visit the topic with a focus on how to get through the festive season. Social Anxiety is an excessive fear of embarrassing yourself and being … Read more

Q&A: Compassion Focused Therapy

Last month saw the release of my first book review and now it’s time for my first Q&A session!  I’m grateful to Tobyn Bell for agreeing to be my ‘guinea pig’ for this, particularly as he is so busy right now traveling around Australia and New Zeland talking about Compassion Focused Therapy. Compassion Focused Therapy … Read more