I am very grateful to clients and colleagues who have been kind enough to say a few words about their experiences of working with me for this site.

Following a period of acute stress, Lizzie helped me to prioritise my values and motivated me to make positive changes in my life. I am incredibly grateful for the support and routinely reflect upon our discussions when faced with potentially stressful situations.

Client feedback

It’s been a hard few months but I wouldn’t be anywhere near where I am now if it wasn’t for you, so i am extremely grateful! I will miss our sessions! you’ve been absolutely fantastic, always replying straight away between sessions, a very lovely person too and always very welcoming and understanding. It was very easy to open up to you which I never thought i’d be able to say to someone!

I am very grateful for all your help and could not recommend you enough, I’m glad I am better but wish we had more sessions!

Client feedback

I am so grateful for the guidance and help from Lizzie for my OCD Treatment. Exposure and Response Prevention is so effective when it comes to treating OCD. She has provided me with the skills and strength that I will use for life and coping with my condition. Thank you so much, Lizzie! I was always made to feel so comfortable in the sessions. Online therapy is so much more effective than I ever thought it would be! Lizzie, you are an absolute lifesaver!

Client feedback

At first with Talking Therapies, I was hesitant due to the current pandemic restrictions we all face. So, entering into a “virtual” therapy room was a whole new world. Therapy in itself was very new to me so it did create added worries. However, Lizzie was so calm and relaxed, I forgot about the camera and how my hair looked within the first 10 minutes! Virtual therapy does have its perks; comfort from your own home! I must say it was a very positive experience and Lizzie was very accommodating of my busy shift pattern, I was very grateful for that.

Each session was structured and organised, task or topic orientated and at the end of treatment I could really see how far I progressed. You do truly have to apply the techniques and commit to the process in order to see a change.

Lizzie has helped me through a very difficult time, and I can’t thank her enough for the support. I would definitely recommend to anyone wishing to change their thought processes and mindset.

Client feedback

I found my experience with Lizzie was fantastic. She really helped me through a very tough time. I found CBT therapy extremely helpful. I have learned many coping methods to help my low mood and help me see a better future.

Client Feedback

Thank you so much for everything, these talking therapies have helped me so much it’s crazy to see how much progression I’ve made in these few months and I’m using all the techniques I’ve learned with you, my anxiety feels so much more under control and I’m able to live normally and enjoy everyday!

My advice to anyone thinking to trying this is to go for it, but to see change you need to make sure you’re trying all the techniques everyday and putting them to use, you have to want to make a change.

Client Feedback

At first starting with Forrest Talking Therapies I had my doubts as to how talking about my accident would help me overcome my fear of driving and being a passenger. I am so glad I did this as it has helped my confidence and the weekly tasks have pushed me and my driving ability. I am so grateful I have completed my therapy and I will continue to push myself further.

Well, I don’t know where to start. Before I went to see Lizzie and started throwing my energy into therapy. I was living in a constant nightmare. Haunted 24/7 by flashbacks, shock and fear. I couldn’t do anything or go anywhere by myself. Coming from someone who is strong, independent and successful I didn’t recognize myself, I didn’t know who I was anymore. I was so angry, had no energy, depressed and full of anxiety. I was suffering with, what I know now is PTSD. 
I was so nervous going to see Lizzie. But very quickly learnt Lizzie is calm, gentle and listens. She made sure she knew every little detail of my trauma, she understood how I was being mentally tortured, and she introduced me to exposure therapy. I have been seeing Lizzie nearly every week for four months.

In those four months, Lizzie has guided me through my trauma and has somehow put my mind and brain back together. Four months on, I have moved into a new home, new puppy and a new job. But the biggest achievement for me, is I recognize myself again.

Lizzie helped me find myself again, she helped me regain control. Her approach is genuine and kind, and I cannot thank her enough.

During my darkest time, she helped me find light.

Client Feedback

“Finding a supervisor who you feel comfortable to be vulnerable with is important to me. As an experienced therapist and supervisor myself it was equally important to find a supervisor who could add to my knowledge base and to fill the gaps in mine. I have found Lizzie to be warm, supportive and at the right times challenging of my formulations and treatment plans. I would highly recommend Lizzie as a clinical supervisor.”

Jason Roscoe – CBT in Blackpool

“I’ve just recently finished my therapy sessions with Elizabeth, who has helped me go from nearly being completely housebound with my severe contamination related OCD, to now nearly being totally rid of all of my worries and compulsions that have dominated and restricted my life, as well as my family’s and partner’s, for over 10 years!”

“I had spent years, from being a teenager to a young adult, seeing therapists on the NHS and privately with no resolution to my issues and faced with unbelievably long waiting lists, in some cases facing over a years wait for any form of help and then this being rushed, unhelpful and unrelated to treating my condition.

“Elizabeth provided me with the advice, time, patience and listening ear I needed to finally rid me of my worries and get me back to living a normal life again, and she has provided me with the guidance and knowledge to avoid ever getting back into that mindset again.

“I couldn’t thank Elizabeth enough for basically giving me my life back which I had lost all hope could ever be achieved again and I would highly recommend her for anyone suffering from any form of mental health issues which you need to address and treat to get back to yourself.”

Client Feedback

“I arranged to see Lizzie on the advice of Occupational Health. I have an ongoing medical condition and the symptoms of this had led to anxiety and lack of confidence,  this was significantly limiting me from doing normal everyday activities.

“I met Lizzie in the local area once a week. The support, guidance and techniques Lizzie provided has enabled me to take back control of my life, helped me to have greater context on my medical issues and to regain confidence in myself.

“I now have a much stronger sense of wellbeing and I can recognise and control the symptoms of anxiety much more effectively Lizzie has provided me with a range of tools and methods that have benefitted me, not only for the reasons that prompted me to seek support, but in other areas of my day to day life.

“I thoroughly recommend Lizzie… her committed, calming and collaborative approach within the sessions has given me the focus and confidence to get things back on track.”

Client Feedback

“I was referred to Lizzie through problems which occurred at work. The sessions with Lizzie were extremely helpful, and were always methodical, organised and well delivered. I actually enjoyed them, I felt so relaxed.

Client Feedback

“I arranged to see Lizzie because I wanted to be seen quickly, and at a local venue at times that fitted into my schedule. I found that the sessions gave me a structure and a focus to help me overcome my problems; I came away with tools that I’m confident will help me if I ever have a setback in the future – although at the moment I feel really positive. Lizzie was always kind, constructive, and professional. I feel that the sessions were well planned, and this helped to motivate me. I would have no hesitation in recommending Lizzie to anyone needing some structured support.”

Client Feedback

“I am most grateful to Lizzie for the clinical supervision she provides to me; I feel supported in my work and it is a comfort to know that she is always available for me to ‘bounce ideas off’.

“Lizzie is always professional, reflective, very well organised and methodical. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her as a supervisor.”

Abdul-Hamid Hussein
High Intensity CBT Therapist

“I looked for private treatment because I wanted to see someone quickly, and at a time and location that was suitable for me.

“The sessions made me focus on what I could have a positive impact on, instead of harking back on the past, which I realized was futile because I couldn’t change what has gone before. I therefore needed to look forward and not back.

“The sessions made me think in a more structured way. It gave me the confidence and motivation to look forward to the following week and do things that made me feel better about myself.

“I liked the sessions because there was not a barrage of information being thrown at me. It was well paced, and each subject was discussed interactively with my therapist.

“I didn’t find anything in particular that I didn’t like, and I would certainly recommend this service for anyone wishing to think more constructively, and not fall into a cycle of changing the past, which is a futile and destructive path.

“As I say Lizzie, thanks for everything. Your help has made me feel so much better.”

Client Feedback