OCD Thinking Traps

Brain in chains

In last month’s blog on ‘overthinking’, I explored how depression and anxiety are closely linked to the thinking traps of rumination and worry. October is OCD Awareness Month, so I thought it would be interesting to explore the thinking traps which are particular to this anxiety disorder. Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, known as OCD, is characterised … Read more

Q&A: Volunteering and Wellbeing


1-7th June 2019 is Volunteers Week. This brings back fond memories for me as my first job after graduating was with Volunteer Centre Sefton.  I ran a project to help young people with mental health problems, learning disabilities and physical health problems to get into voluntary work.  At the time my manager was Laura Hamilton … Read more

Creativity for Wellbeing

I’ve been interested in the links between creativity and emotional wellbeing ever since I worked on the Creative Alternatives project 12 years ago.  The project delivered creative workshops and outings as a ‘treatment’ for depression and anxiety.  Through this I saw the dramatic impact that creativity can have on people’s lives, how it brought them … Read more

Sleep Zzzz

Girl Sleeping

I’ve been meaning to write about sleep for a long time and I’ve been prompted to finally write this blog because Friday 15th March is World Sleep Day.  Now, don’t get excited, this does not mean that you can call your boss and say that you will be spending the whole day in bed asleep!  World … Read more