Sleep Zzzz

Girl Sleeping

I’ve been meaning to write about sleep for a long time and I’ve been prompted to finally write this blog because Friday 15th March is World Sleep Day.  Now, don’t get excited, this does not mean that you can call your boss and say that you will be spending the whole day in bed asleep!  World … Read more

Book Review: “Break Free from OCD”

OCD Book

‘Break Free from OCD’ is a self-help book offering understanding and practical steps, for what is often a very distressing and misunderstood condition.  You can read more about OCD in my June 2018 edition of Forrest Rambles. I discovered this book whilst attending a workshop with one of the authors, Paul Salkovskis.  At this point … Read more

Health Anxiety

Cancer newspaper

As we have seen from previous editions of Forrest Rambles, anxiety can take many forms, from social anxiety to panic disorder, specific phobias, and obsessive compulsive disorder. Today we turn our attention to health anxiety, which is defined as an excessive fear of having or developing a serious illness. You may have heard health anxiety … Read more