Wellbeing Advent Calendar

I’m feeling generous, rather than giving you one festive blog this year I’m going to give you 24 …one for each day of advent! Think of it like opening a virtual window on your advent calendar and every day you’ll be treated to a blog post from the Forrest Rambles archives. 

I’m going to share these on FaceBook and Twitter every day at 11am so you can enjoy them on your morning coffee break or with a spot of lunch.

For those not using FaceBook or Twitter all the links are below …

1st December: Hygee

During the darkest, coldest season we can learn some important lessons in happiness from the Danes.

2nd December: Keep Calm .. it’s nearly Christmas

Yes, indeed it’s only a matter of weeks away now so read on for tips about how to manage those stress levels and get the most out of the season.

3rd December: Creativity

There are lots of seasonal crafts and creative projects you can enjoy this month.  I’ve been enjoying working on a lovely cross stitch hoop with the text ‘C’est Noel’ in bright colours.  It may even be time to check out some You Tube videos on how to wrap some gifts!

4th December: Stress

Because this time of year isn’t always the easiest with potential stressors like money worries, being too busy and managing difficult family dynamics.

5th December: Volunteering

Today is international volunteers day so let’s remind ourselves of the benefits volunteering can have for our mental wellbeing and consider getting involved with a charity over the festive season.

6th December: Alcohol

It can be very tempting to overindulge at this time of year but stop and think about how alcohol could be affecting your mental wellbeing.

7th December: Mindfulness

Mindfulness can be a great tool to help you to cope with the stressors of the season and enjoy all that’s on offer.

8th December: Sleep

Lots of animals are hibernating right now and since I put my big heavy winter duvet on I’ve been tempted to join them!

9th December: Exercise

The opposite of yesterdays blog on sleep – today it’s time to get up and get moving!

10th December: Gratitude

It’s easy to get caught up in the busyness of the season but taking time out to notice what we are grateful for can be so beneficial for our mental wellbeing.

11th December: Anxiety

Feeling anxious right now?  Find out more about what happens in our bodies when we feel anxious and the different types of anxiety problems this can lead to.

12th December: Book gift idea

This was a gift I received and loved so much that I wrote a review of it!

13th December: Christmas and Social Anxiety

This time of year can be particularly difficult for people who are struggling with social anxiety, find out more and check out the tips in this blog.

14th December: Winter wellness

Tips on how to look after your emotional and physical health during the winter months.

15th December: Choosing a therapist

If you’re thinking of making some changes in the New Year why not start your research now and contact some therapists before they go off for their Christmas break.

16th December: Book gift idea no. 2

Another gift idea is Sabotage by Emma Gannon which I reviewed in February.  Look out for her new book ‘Dis(connected): How to Stay Human in an Online World’ which is due out in the New Year.

17th December: Feel Pawsome!

Don’t forget to put a stocking up for your furry friend next week! 

18th December: Embracing Imperfection

Put that ribbon down!  It doesn’t matter if it’s straight!  At this time of year we can greatly reduce our stress by focusing on what’s ‘good enough’ rather than trying to strive for perfection.

19th December: Overthinking

We’re all prone to thinking too much, this blog explores worry and rumination, and suggests a six step process to interrupt overthinking.

20th December: Procrastination

It’s nearly here!  You can’t put those seasonal tasks off any longer!

21st December: A Healing Read

This time of year is the perfect time to snuggle up with a good book.  I particularly like an Agatha Christie or spooky Christmas ghost story.

22nd December: Resilience

For many of us it’s been a long and uncertain year so make time over the festive season to tune into yourself and consider ways in which you can build up your resilience.

23rd December: Forest Bathing

If you are lucky enough to have some time off work over the festive season use the time to get out in nature and practice some forest bathing.

24th December: Self-Compassion

The greatest gift you can give yourself this year is self-compassion.